New sequencing technologies have revolutionized genome research over the last decade. Single-cell sequencing technologies are developing rapidly and are becoming increasingly important for many research groups at the University of Lübeck and UKSH. In fall of 2019, Prof. Busch’s research group established the Single-cell Sequencing Core Facility, providing all research groups with assisted access to instruments for processing cells and preparing libraries for sequencing. At the core facility, single-cell sequencing library preparation has been performed using the Rhapsody system, an array-based technology, since 20219.

In this context, the Single Cell Sequencing Core Facility at the Lübeck Campus, headed by Dr. Fähnrich, offers all research groups assisted access to single-cell sequencing technologies (from cell processing, preparation of sequencing libraries, and bioinformatic analysis). Together with Human Genetics around Prof. Dr. Spielmann, we expanded our Single-Cell Sequencing Core Facility with a Chromium System from 10x Genomics starting November 2020. Thus, since this fall, both key technologies for creating a single-cell sequencing library have been available to the Single Cell Sequencing Core Facility.

Single Cell Genomics

In our research efforts, we will use the ability to define cell states and phenotypes by individually profiling thousands of cells to explore complex tissues and cells’ composition and pathway regulation. The investigation of autoimmunity, cancer, and infections is the focus of the Medical Systems Biologies Single Cell research.