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New publication in American Society for Microbiology Journals

Draft Genome Sequences and Antimicrobial Profiles of Three Staphylococcus epidermidis Strains from Neonatal Blood Samples

New publication in Mol Ecol

Host plant diet affects growth and induces altered gene expression and microbiome composition in the wood white (Leptidea sinapis) butterfly

New paper in Exp Dermatol

Genetic variability of immune-related lncRNAs: polymorphisms in LINC-PINT and LY86-AS1 are associated with pemphigus foliaceus susceptibility

New publication in Acta Derm Venereol

Diagnostic Value and Practicability of Serration Pattern Analysis by Direct Immunofluorescence Microscopy in Pemphigoid Diseases

New paper in Int J Mol Sci

A Mitochondrial Polymorphism Alters Immune Cell Metabolism and Protects Mice from Skin Inflammation

New publication in Mov Disord

Linking Penetrance and Transcription in DYT-THAP1: Insights From a Human iPSC-Derived Cortical Model